"My son TJ spent 4 weeks at camp this summer. We both loved it! The campus is beautiful, field trips come on site, and kids engage in brain stimulating activities every day. Autumn is an amazing director and she really cares about her work. I recommend this camp 1000%! There is definitely something your child will find they love...like we did. Be back next summer for sure!"

Chrissy J.

"I've known Autumn for almost ten years, when she started working, as director, where my two children attended school. My first impression was that she is a professional and smart woman who took her responsibilities seriously. As I got to know her better, I love her warmth and how personable she is, and the kids absolutely love her. She is very hands on, involving herself in any matter that is important to the students and parents alike. She was like a mother to almost 100 children, who all adore her, including my kids. She's an amazing educator and with her skills I wouldn't hesitate to enroll my children in any program she is a part of, I know it would benefit them greatly!"

Jennifer W.

"We are grandparents, and when we pick up our grand daughter Isabel, she is excited and happy about her day of learning and fun! Autumn and her staff are joyful and very welcoming to us always."

Tina P.

"I am so excited about the amazing summer program you have put together. Our children have learned so much from you as their principal, teacher and tutor over the years. We can’t wait to see what this summer will bring for our kids. We love the staff and the facilities. Looking forward to finally having a program in Sarasota that offers summer learning, a schedule for two working parents and something that finally both my five year old and eight year old can attend during the same times and same location!"

Chelsea M.

"I know Autumn both professionally and personally. She is the most professional, compassionate, and efficient educator I have ever met. Autumn was the director of the school that my children attend and for four years she has surpassed all of our expectations. She has been an advocate for my children and has ensured they thrive educationally. Above all, the most important reason that I would highly recommend Autumn over anyone else is simply because I trust her with my children and that speaks volumes. It is very difficult to find trustworthy childcare or education establishments these days. I am confident that my children are always safe, cared for, and happy when they are in her care or her staff’s care. My children LOVE her! This summer program will undoubtedly be incredible and super fun for kids! I can’t wait for my kids to attend this summer! Thank you Autumn!"

Alissa G.

"Attention to detail. And the passion for leading our future to success!"

Christine Y.

Experience Sarasota's Premier Academic Summer Camps

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