Community Involvement: Our program’s shining moment? Uniting the community! While we teach the kiddos about empathy, selflessness, and other commendable character values, we provide the opportunity for kiddos to get involved and give back to others. We work hand in hand with local non-profit organizations to build students’ awareness and focus on serving the community through multiple avenues including food, clothing and toy donation, product creation and distribution, homelessness and more!

Community Presenters: We turn the tables by bringing field trips to us! During camp sessions we line up a variety of presenters to enrich the understanding of community-related subjects. Kiddos absolutely love these presentations because they’re relevant to their own lives and surroundings with the bonus of hands-on learning in most cases! Some of our favorites include Jungle Gardens, Science Scope, the American Red Cross, beekeeper, park rangers, the Florida Panther presenter, Englewood Shell Club, Fossil Club, and many more!

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